When Kanye West Said Slavery Was a Choice

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Black Twitter is beautiful thing. If there is one something you should know about it is that when the bell rings and we are called to join hands, have a good laugh and bring attention to a social or political issue that affect our people, we show up. You’ve gotta love Black Twitter for the unconventional way it handles these moments.

So was the case following the preposterous comments made by usual suspect Kanye West. He suggested that slavery was a choice. Slavery. A. Choice. Yes, you read that right.
You mean to tell me that slaves had a chance to NOT be slaves? Really now? Can someone explain this to me because the whole notion of slavery is when someone is forced or taken into a situation against his/her will…by force. And when you don’t do what they tell you …ya know, they whip you, cut off a limb or something. Yah…slavery was NOT a choice Mr. West. Not to my knowledge or to anyone with a little common sense.

When Kanye’s commentary surfaced, my immediate thought was: “he must be putting out a new shoe… perhaps new music”, in order to bring attention to himself. There’s gotta be something. People then began diagnosing him with mental health issues triggered by the passing of his mother to suggest this is the cause for his views. Hmmm…maybe but Kanye’s been known to ruffle some feathers by often supporting Trump. He’s entitled to his opinion and political views, sure. But it becomes problematic when a Black man who has preached about being “woke” with his music suddenly uses his platform to send a contradictory message about slavery that doesn’t sit quite well with people of color, particularly African Americans who were robbed of their “choices” to opt out of slavery.
Shiiii…can you imagine having the option to opt out of being a slave? Well…you don’t have to imagine. Black Twitter came to the rescue with the #IFSLAVERYWASACHOICE hashtag and gave us a [humorous] glimpse at what life would look like if slavery was indeed a choice that Blacks could have made or opted out of. Below are my favorites…brace yourselves…they are hilarious!

I hope you enjoyed these! Remember, as funny as these tweets are, they come with a lesson. Slavery was NOT a choice. You don’t wake up one day and say to yourself…you know what…today is a great day to become slave!

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