Instagram Introduces New Feature: Snapchat

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Instagram has decided to give people exactly what they did not ask for: Snapchat. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you couldn’t have missed the outrage of folks everywhere after the latest Instagram app update. A video functionality that deletes itself after 24 hours. If it sounds familiar, well, that’s because it is! That is essentially the key feature of Snapchat.

Folks damn near lost their minds. I felt…offended and violated. Why Instagram?! Why you had to go out and do that to us?

Not only did Instagram fail to address the concerns of those who truly use the platform regularly for personal and business reasons, but it went a whole new level of grimey by essentially snatching up the Snapchat feature that makes Snapchat…well, Snapchat!

Some of the concerns people had been bringing up is the return of the timeline feature, where posts are shown in a chronological order. At the moment, the algorithm that Instagram uses doesn’t give the user, an opportunity to see posts from people they follow as they post. An extra step has to be taken, much like that of Facebook pages, by having to “turn notifications” on, if you want to see stuff from the people you care to see. Annoying much?

This new set up has also affected how 3rd party applications, such as the Repost App, can function within the platform. While they do still work, there are additional steps one must take in order to repost something from someone else’s Instagram. This isn’t super annoying but it is a small inconvenience, especially for those of us who manage brands and athletes.

Now I’m left with many questions – how are brands going to use this new feature? Are brands even going to explore ways in which they can implement digital marketing into the Instagram Stories?

My personal thought is – I was slightly annoyed with Snapchat and now I am even more annoyed with Instagram Stories. For those of us who are not too enthusiastic about using Snapchat for brands we manage, or even for personal use, Instagram provided that extra visual to showcase products, feature athletes, advertise sales and conveniently implement ads via Facebook. I have absolutely zero…ZE-RO desire to use Instagram Stories with any of the brands I manage….at least for now (Update coming soon). I find the layout alone infuriating by being right there at the top of my Instagram as soon as I open the app. It’s crowding my space and I want an option to NOT see it.

This whole thing, however, can go 50/50, just like any other introduction to change– at first people become resistant, then they get used to it, then they love and can’t live without it. We just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I have gathered my favorite Twitter moments from this whole #InstagramStories trending hashtag. Warning: DO NOT sip tea or coffee while reading this – you might spit it out on your screen. Yes, it’s hilarious!

Digital Trends tweeted the update features…

…and then…Twitter went in!

Instagram has already taken the video feature idea from Vine so are we really surprised? The kicker – Instagram CEO was pretty straight forward about crediting Snapchat for the idea…

But why did they have to do us like that though? #grimey

Folks ain’t having it. Nope, no Sir!

In the end, we learned how most people are putting #InstagramStories to good use…

Tell me how you feel about the launch of Instagram Stories. Do you think it will survive? Will you be using it?

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