Smile, You Are Loved!

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I shared these words on a FB post last year. Thanks to FB memories, I was reminded of it. It actually moved me…I was inspired by my own words. So much that I thought it deserved a spot on my blog.

☀️Good morning sunshine! ☀️
Today’s thoughts:
Stand where you shine. Stand in the light. In brightness. Go where you are loved and appreciated.

There will always be a person, or 2 …or several who are so engulfed and consumed by their own shortcomings and failures and hate that they try to bring darkness upon you.
☀️Don’t let other people bring darkness to your sunshine. You have a choice to accept or decline being in their presence.
☀️ Know that you are here on this Earth for a purpose…we all are. Some find their purpose and live it while others are still struggling to learn theirs. You will see the difference between these 2 groups.
☀️ Live your life with love, care and compassion. Something I learned from a professor in grad school and something that has carried me through some very tough times with some incredibly difficult and polluted souls.

☀️ Smile. 😊 You are loved!

Sharing is caring!

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